Product Information

 The Bottleshower™ 500ML - 2 Litre heads fits all narrow neck water bottles available world wide including Coke a Cola and soft drink bottles. Hundreds of bottles from around the world have been tested to ensure an acceptable fit and flow.

The 5 Litre version with silicone bung fits all commercially available bottles ranging from 39 mm to 42 mm internal neck dimensions.

The individual shower heads simply twist into the top and when the bottle is upturned produces a constant pumped shower flow, no squeezing is required.

The Bottleshower™ heads work by using expanding air carried in via the air hole and tube to displace water in the bottle when it is upturned. This process works unaided and the bottle should never be squeezed.

The black ‘O’ rings on the tapered neck are different sizes to ensure a perfect seal across all the different bottle necks.

When inserting the head twist it carefully into place, never push it in using the palm of your hand or force it by hitting with any object.

If the Bottleshower™ Version purchased comes with additional instructions read them carefully before proceeding.

When using the Bottleshower™ with the 2 litre and 5 litre bottles you may find that when first upturning them the flow stalls and a small amount of water escapes back down and out of the air hole, this is because the air travelling up the tube has not yet connected with the air already in the bottle, making it stall before the airline is clear of water.

IF this happens turn the bottle back up right for a second and then back again.

Always try when using big bottles to get the air tube at the highest corner of the bottle to ensure a quick start to the flow.

TIP: As you insert the tube into the bottle keep your finger over the air hole in the shower head, this will aid the air getting into the bottle and avoid any temporary stalling of water.

Flow Times

download (9).jpg

There are two versions of Bottleshower™ you can choose from for showering or washing. Look on the shower head for the markings plus or minus. 

Plus + = More fast flowing shower head (Long tube for 1.5 & 2ltr bottles) Minus - = Less fast flowing tap head (Short tube)

Depending on the size of bottle you have available and washing needs these tubes can be swapped around.

When used for wound irrigation or burn treatment he flow and spread of the water ensures concentration on the affected area without damaging the skin, making it more comfortable for the casualty and reducing the risk of extended scar tissue.

 Hands free showering in seconds.

A 'Cord Hanging Harness’ is available for 1.5 & 2 litre bottles to allow for a hands free camping shower. This 1500mm long twin cord harness with pre tied knots and hooks at each end can also be used as a washing line. To suspend a bottle using the rope cradle follow the instructions below: 


Flow Rate Running Times

Hundreds of different designs of plastic PET water bottles have been tested with the Bottleshower™ for fit and performance.

Tests were conducted to give a multiplication guide that is honest but not scientific, tests used the readily available range of EVIAN 500ml, 1 litre and 2 litre bottles.

Guide Flow Time

1 litre EVIAN bottle
UPTURNED - 8 seconds - Turning the bottle directly upside down
POURED -    12 seconds - A constant continuous flow of water till empty
SHOWER -     1 minute 12 secs - Showerhead marked with a plus sign
TAP -               2 minutes  - Showerhead marked with a minus sign

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Manufactured in the UK using FDA approved materials. The product is made from polypropylene (PP) and weighs 20 grams. The same as an empty 500ml plastic water bottle.

Bottleshower™ is a registered member of MADE IN BRITAIN (

Bottleshower™ is a registered trademark and has been designed and developed in the UK, the design has Worldwide Patent Pending.