When it comes to camping in the great outdoors Bottleshower™ provides the perfect solution to washing and showering on the move.

Hung from a tree, vehicle or beam using the bottle hanging harness or even handheld, a one litre bottle will provide you with your very own personal shower giving up to one and a half minutes of shower time. Bottleshower™ is an excellent aid for irrigating wounds and in the treatment of Heat Stroke, as it provides a long constant shower of water to help lower body temperature, ideal for endurance sporting events.
Bottleshower™ weighs 20 Grams and is compact and robust. It is small enough to fit into the palm of the hand -  convenient for carrying in a DAYPAC and a worthy edition to any wash kit, providing the flow time of up to 10 bottles of water from just 1 bottle without the weight and bulk.

Bottleshower™ also works with the range of SOURCE Liquitainer and Platypus flexible bottles, 5 litre commercial water bottle the Standard Pattern 58 OSPREY MOD / NATO drinking bottle and fit the Standard MOD / NATO 20 litre Water carrier / Gerry Can. See the full product range section to choose the correct application for your needs.