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Bottleshower™ has been specifically designed to offer a low cost and highly effective solution for emergency washing and decontamination increasing run time, usability and reducing waste. 

Requiring nothing more than clean water in a plastic bottle it is the easiest simplest portable  shower available providing the means for washing and showering  using the minimum of water where supply is limited, Improvised Wet Decontamination is needed or where the spread of disease is high.

The individual shower heads simply twist fit into a universal range of plastic water bottles and containers from 500ml to 10 litres. When the bottle is upturned Bottleshower™produces a constant pumped shower flow, no squeezing is required.

The Bottle Shower Heads

The Versatility and Benefits of Bottleshower™ are clear to see.

 Multiplying the volume effect of a bottle of water is key to the benefits Bottleshower delivers along with controllability and shower pressure, which is why so many professional bodies have adopted them as part of their wash and decontamination kits.

 The below chart shows how much more washing time can be gained using a one litre EVIAN bottle of drinking water with a SHOWER or TAP head as an example.