Tips & Info

Bottleshower™ heads fit a wide variety of commercially available ‘Narrow neck’ plastic water bottles. A range of bottles available worldwide were tested when developing the bottle shower,  these are the normal plastic water bottles up to 2 litres in capacity.

When inserting the shower head avoid squeezing the bottle, twist it as you gently push it in, whilst holding the neck area of the bottle. 

When the bottle is upturned there may be a second of delay before the water begins to flow as the air is sucked into the bottle. Do not cover the air intake hole when using as the flow of water may stall.

Do not squeeze or pump the bottle at any time when in use, the unique design Bottleshower™ pumps the water unaided. When inserting the SHOWER head into a 2 litre bottle of water, ensure the tube reaches the bottom of the bottle, to give a strong and constant flow from full when upturned.


There are two versions of Bottleshower™ you can choose from for camp showering or hand and local washing. Look on the shower head for the markings plus or minus.

Plus + = More fast flowing shower head (Long tube for 1.5 & 2ltr bottles)
Minus - = Less fast flowing tap head (Short tube)

Depending on the size of bottle you have available and your washing needs these tubes can be swopped around.

Hands free showering in seconds.

A 'Cord Hanging Harness’ is available for 1.5 & 2 litre bottles to allow for a hands free camping shower. This 1500mm long twin cord harness with pre tied knots and hooks at each end can also be used as a washing line. To suspend a bottle using the rope cradle follow the instructions below:

Flow Rate Tests

Hundreds of different designs of plastic PET water bottles have been tested with the Bottleshower™ for fit and performance.

Tests were conducted to give a multiplication guide that is honest but not scientific, tests used the readily available range of EVIAN 500ml, 1 litre and 2 litre bottles.

1 litre bottle

Flow time
8 seconds - Turning the bottle directly upside down
12 seconds - A constant continuous flow of water till empty
1 minute 12 secs - Showerhead marked with a plus sign
2 minutes  - Showerhead marked with a minus sign