Following a request from London Metropolitan Police a five litre shower head version was developed to fit the large 5 litre bottles.

A Met spokesperson stated that “The flushing of an affected area is imperative in the initial treatment of an injury using a corrosive substance, Bottleshower is extremely effective as it allows the water to be concentrated on the affected area instead of saturating the victim and losing a lot of water on the floor.

The bottle shower is now part of the treatment kit that all emergency police vehicles and security posts in London have been equipped with, which also includes protective eyewear and gauntlets to deal with corrosive injuries”

Sergeant Scott Howard, of West Midlands Police, demonstrates THE BOTTLESHOWER

Sergeant Scott Howard, of West Midlands Police, demonstrates THE BOTTLESHOWER

West Midlands Police have just received bespoke decontamination kits to improve the effectiveness of response to a victim of an incident involving hazardous materials. The decontamination kits were tailor made for West Midlands Police by UK medical supplier, SP Services, of Telford, Shropshire and are the first of their kind containing not just water but Personal Protective Equipment.

Aid Workers and Emergency Teams

In disaster zones Bottleshower™ has a vital role to play in helping to manage the spread of infection and disease. The World Health Organisation states that the single most important thing we can do to save lives is to clean our hands to help reduce the risk of spreading disease, especially post-disaster before any proper form of sanitation infrastructure can be re-established.

Emergency tented camps are a typical scenario where the introduction of washing regimes is crucial to the wellbeing of its inhabitants. Bottleshower equipment is currently being used daily in refugee camps in Jordan where it is found to be simple to use, providing the ability to provide shower facilities in private and particularly useful when washing and bathing children.  

Distributing water is a costly and difficult affair, therefore using it wisely and effectively is imperative. Helping to increase the usable volume of water using a bottle shower for washing is a major benefit.  Where it is used for hand washing the volume of water used has been notably less than when using conventional methods. (Source OXFAM)

According to The Johns Hopkins and The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the average water use for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene by a single individual is at least 15 litres a day, in a disaster zone that will need to drop to 7.5 litres for drinking cooking and washing . If 1 litre of water used for personal hygiene was increased up to 10 times by using Bottleshower™, the benefit in effective washing time compared to simply poured water would be an additional 10 litres. By being able to use clean water in an easily distributable way means that washing regimes can be effectively introduced into temporary camp sites, reducing the spread of disease.

Apart from the key role of washing in temporary camp situations, water can be used to clean or flood wounds when usual methods are not available. There are many types of wound cleaning equipment available from wipes to aerosols but they are expensive and not easily replaced when stock runs out in an emergency. Bottleshower™ is a crucial item in any Emergency Aid Kit.

The USA Centre for Disease Control and Prevention state in their guide on ‘Emergency Wound Care After a Natural Disaster’; Gently flood the wound with bottled water or clean running water, if available a saline solution is preferred. Clean around the wound with soap and clean water. A bottle shower is an excellent aid in achieving this.

When washing or flooding wounds research findings are clear on 3 key criteria,

  1. Water temperature should be 37 degrees centigrade. (Using a conventional plastic water bottle makes it easy and fast to heat the water)

  2. A good constant volume of water is required. (Using the TAP head in a 500ml bottle, the water will flow for up to a minute)

  3. Water pressure should be between 4 and 8 PSI. (We make no claims to achieving the optimum pressure with a bottle shower other than a good constant strong stream)


Peace Keeping Forces

Bottleshower™ was designed to benefit peacekeeping forces in arduous conditions. Filling the gap between a flannel wash and facilities at base camp, making life that little bit more bearable. Even a basic ‘STAGGERED SHOWER’ can be achieved using a 1litre bottle of water with the SHOWER head giving over 1 minute of flow time.
Bottleshower™ is light compact and robust. It is small enough to fit into the palm of the hand - it's convenient for carrying in a DAYPAC and a worthy edition to any wash kit, providing the flow time of up to 10 bottles of water from just 1 bottle without the weight and bulk. Bottleshower™ also works with the range of SCORCE Liquitainer flexible bottles.

Bottleshower™ is an excellent aid in the treatment of HEAT STROKE, as it provides a long constant shower of water to help lower body temperature as fast as possible. In emergency situations a bottle shower can be used to clean or flood wounds when usual methods are not available


The list of Bottleshower™ uses for leisure is endless from travel and camping showers for personal hygiene on long expeditions, to a pocket size shower for washing hands and feet on the beach.

When it comes to camp showering in the great outdoors there are a few options available. One of the more obvious is to use a bag or container filled with water hung from a tree or building. The Bottleshower™ Wash Kit comes with a hanging harness to hang your bottle shower if this is an option.

If you have a plastic water bottle and access to water a bottle shower will provide you with your very own handheld personal shower, even from a 1 litre bottle or less. Bottleshower™ also works with the range of SCORCE Liquitainer flexible bottles.

If you enjoy boating, fishing, running, walking the dog, surfing, football, biking, there are so many ways that a bottle shower can be put to good use, washing saltwater from fishing, diving and surfboard equipment is key to good maintenance and washing the dog down after a long muddy or sandy walk is key to a happy pet! 

Bottleshower™ is great for cooling down and an excellent aid in the treatment of HEAT STROKE, as it provides a long constant shower of water to help lower body temperature as fast as possible, ideal for endurance sporting events.

Festival Camping shower Pocket Wash kit.

If you are going to a festival and planning what essential camping shower wash kit to take, especially for festival hair washing, look no further. Body wipes and dry shampoo are fine but when it comes to having the ability to thoroughly wash then a pocket bottle shower provides the best festival camping shower solution.

Festival showers are normally at the end of a mile long queue and some sites charge, so ‘have bottle will shower’ and no more wasted time in a queue. 
It's the solution to getting you and your kit clean of mud and dust, and less bulky and lighter than packing a bucket and sponge.

Here is the true benefit, even a 1 litre bottle of water will give you over 1 minute of shower time the equivalent of 5litres of poured water making Bottleshower™ an essential water saving festival camping shower companion.