Natural Disasters, War Zones and Refugees

Clean drinking water is essential in disaster and war zones, second to actually drinking it, personal washing and food preparation is the next most important factor in aiding recovery - reducing the spread of disease and infection.

According to The Johns Hopkins and The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the average water use for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene by a single individual is at least 15 litres a day and half that to survive if rationed.

Helping to increase the usable volume of a bottle of water is a major benefit. By using Bottleshower™ with just one of those litres of water an additional 6 to 10 litres of flow time is gained for emergency showering or washing.

Corrosive Burns, Heat Burns and Irrigating Wounds

Bottleshower™ is recognised by the BRITISH BURN ASSOCIATION, UK POLICE FORCES and the NATIONAL CBRN CENTRE as being an essential component when using water to dilute, cool and remove the effects of acid and treating contaminated wounds.

Bottleshower™ has been specifically designed to offer an unrestricted low cost and highly effective solution for emergency washing and decontamination increasing usability and reducing waste requiring nothing more than water in a plastic bottle, making it the easiest portable bottle shower available.

Bottleshower™ fits all narrow neck water bottles and large 5 litre bottles in everyday use around the world, there are also versions available for specialist medical bottles.

The individual shower heads simply twist into the top and when the bottle is upturned produces a constant pumped shower flow. No squeezing is required.

The Bottleshower™ comes in two flow rates, one is a tap head that multiplies the running time of a one litre bottle by ten times and the other is a shower head that multiplies the running time by six times, It is possible to shower with both versions.

As a guide a 1litre bottle of water empties in around 12 seconds when poured. Using a bottle shower the showerhead (+) will increase the run time to 1 minute 12 seconds and the tap head (-) will run for a whole 2 minutes plus.

Bottleshower™ is a registered trademark and has been designed and developed in the UK, the design has Worldwide Patent Pending.

Manufactured in the UK using FDA approved materials. The product is made from polypropylene (PP) and weighs 20 grams. The same as an empty 500ml plastic water bottle.